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(About Truth, World)

All the dead bolts, pulled shades and hidden knives in the world couldn't protect you from the truth.

("She's Come Undone")

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You're just catching me during one of my fallow periods, that's all. One of my compost years. I'm expecting a creative leap pretty soon now.
Wally Lamb

Take what people give you. Drink their milkshakes.
Wally Lamb

I think I write fiction for the opportunity to get beyond the limits of my own life.
Wally Lamb

That's the trouble with survival of the fittest, isn't it, Dominick? The corpse at your feet. That little inconvenience.
Wally Lamb

If you risked love, it took you wherever you wanted to go. If you repressed it, you ended up unhappy.
Wally Lamb

Eventually, I reached the other side of the chasm and understood the differences between the two men. I no longer hated Daddy: he had been a shitty father and a shitty husband - a man who's made two bad choices based on lust and coveting and then been too weak either to live with them or undo them. But he had not been a rapist.
Wally Lamb

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