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Let me repeat with quite force: I was, and still am, despite mes malheurs, an exceptionally handsome male; slow moving tall, with dark soft hair and a gloomy but all the more seductive cast of demeanour.


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The summer night was starless and stirless, with distant spasms of silent lightning.
Vladimir Nabokov

When stripped and shiny in the mist of the bath house, his bold virilia contrasted harshly with his girlish grace. He was a regular faunlet.
Vladimir Nabokov

Knowing you'll have something good to read before bed is among the most pleasurable of sensations.
Vladimir Nabokov

I cannot conceive how anybody in his right mind should go to a psychoanalyst.
Vladimir Nabokov

Feeling a bit nervous, as most people do at the prospect of seeing a doctor, I thought I would buy on my way to him something soothing to prevent an accelerated pulse from misleading credulous science.
Vladimir Nabokov

If you want to make a movie out of my book, have one of these faces gently melt into my own, while I look.
Vladimir Nabokov

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