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(About Boredom, Hell)

There is something more terrible than a hell of suffering--a hell of boredom.

("Les Miserables")

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Smallness in a great man seems smaller by its disproportion with all the rest.
Victor Hugo

Hope is a delusion no hand can grasp a wave or a shadow.
Victor Hugo

A one-eyed man is much more incomplete than a blind man, for he knows what it is that's lacking.
Victor Hugo

He who opens a school door, closes a prison.
Victor Hugo

Life is a theatre set in which there are but few practicable entrances.
Victor Hugo

Citizens, in the future there will be neither darkness nor thunderbolts; neither ferocious ignorance, nor bloody retaliation. As there will be no more Satan, there will be no more Michael. In the future no one will kill any one else, the earth will beam with radiance, the human race will love. The day will come, citizens, when all will be concord, harmony, light, joy and life; it will come, and it is in order that it may come that we are about to die.
Victor Hugo

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