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Success is an ugly thing. Men are deceived by its false resemblances to merit.... They confound the brilliance of the firmament with the star-shaped footprints of a duck in the mud.

("Les Miserables")

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A day will come when markets, open to trade, and minds, open to ideas, will become the sole battlefield.
Victor Hugo

It seemed to be a necessary ritual that he should prepare himself for sleep by meditating under the solemnity of the night sky... a mysterious transaction between the infinity of the soul and the infinity of the universe.
Victor Hugo

The ideal and the beautiful are identical; the ideal corresponds to the idea, and beauty to form; hence idea and substance are cognate.
Victor Hugo

If you wish to understand what Revolution is, call it Progress; and if you wish to understand what Progress is, call it Tomorrow.
Victor Hugo

Love is the foolishness of men, and the wisdom of God.
Victor Hugo

To lie a little is not possible: he who lies, lies the whole lie.
Victor Hugo

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