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He who has not been a stubborn accuser in prosperity should hold his peace in the face of ruin.

("Les Miserables")

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Sleep comes more easily than it returns.
Victor Hugo

Diamonds are to be found only in the darkness of the earth, and truth in the darkness of the mind.
Victor Hugo

Evil. Mistrust those who rejoice at it even more than those who do it.
Victor Hugo

My greatness does not extend to this shelf.
Victor Hugo

A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.
Victor Hugo

We are never done with conscience. Choose your course by it, Brutus; Choose your course by it, Cato. It is bottomless, being God. We cast in to this pit the labor of our whole lives, we cast in our liberty or our country, we cast in our well-being, we cast in our repose, we cast in our happiness. More! more! more! Empty the vase! turn out the urn! We must at last cast in our heart.
Victor Hugo

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