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You chose us. Now we have to choose you.


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In our factions, we find meaning, we find purpose, we find life.
Veronica Roth

I don't see any elderly people in the crowd. Are there any old Dauntless? Do they not last that long, or are they just sent away when they can't jump off moving trains anymore?
Veronica Roth

Sometimes, the best way to help someone is just to be near them.
Veronica Roth

The theory is that if you spill all your secrets, you'll have no desire to lie about anything, ever again. Like the worst about you is already in the open, so why not just be honest?
Veronica Roth

Human reason can excuse any evil.
Veronica Roth

I hear my heartbeat. I have been looking at him too long, but then, he has been looking back, and I feel like we are both trying to say something the other can't hear, though I could be imagining it. Too long - and now even longer, my heart even louder, his tranquil eyes swallowing me whole.
Veronica Roth

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