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What we honor as prudence in our elders is simply panic in action.

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The truth is an anagram of an anagram.
Umberto Eco

A book is a fragile creature, it suffers the wear of time, it fears rodents, the elements and clumsy hands. so the librarian protects the books not only against mankind but also against nature and devotes his life to this war with the forces of oblivion.
Umberto Eco

The comic is the perception of the opposite; humor is the feeling of it.
Umberto Eco

In the United States there's a Puritan ethic and a mythology of success. He who is successful is good. In Latin countries, in Catholic countries, a successful person is a sinner.
Umberto Eco

'Then we are living in a place abandoned by God,' I said, disheartened. 'Have you found any places where God would have felt at home' William asked me, looking down from his great height.
Umberto Eco

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