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This is how he pitched earlier in the year. He just got into a funk. It happens to pitchers, it happens to hitters, it happens to defenders. And in the middle of that funk, he had a couple of games like this. Against Washington and today, this was the way he was earlier in the year. This is just his second year in the rotation he's still learning.

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He got himself into great shape coming into camp. He's not in a situation where he has to slow this down or that down.
Tony Russa

I was impressed today. I mean, I've been impressed about every time he pitches. But I thought today, he knows he's got a chance to make the club, so everything was different.
Tony Russa

He definitely has five tools and every year I've seen a more consistent guy.
Tony Russa

That's the kind of pitcher he is. We were buying outs at that point in the game, and he bought them all.
Tony Russa

He's pitched with so much intensity and so much pressure for so long that when the pressure's not there, he lost a little edge, ... He had good stuff his last two starts, but his location was off.
Tony Russa

You hoped it would be complicated. We're going to have some decisions to make, which is good.
Tony Russa

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