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(About Planning)

That's the plan. We'll see how he feels the next two days.

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He's pitched with so much intensity and so much pressure for so long that when the pressure's not there, he lost a little edge, ... He had good stuff his last two starts, but his location was off.
Tony Russa

You can't lose them the way we lost them. When you score one or two against a pitching staff that's last in the league. It's a mystery.
Tony Russa

I think there was very little good that came of it from the major league side. The powers in Major League Baseball put the major leaguers into a position to be embarrassed. Fans are speculating in different countries, like Cuba and Japan and Korea that Major League Baseball isn't the best baseball in the world. I think it is, if the competition is fair.
Tony Russa

I think the umpires are smart enough to know how many times Luna has been thrown at. Whether it was intentional or not, I think that was a good call on their part. Enough is enough. It just looks so bad. Not to read intent, but it just looked real bad.
Tony Russa

Take your hat off to him. He never put the ball over the middle of the plate when we had a chance to hurt him.
Tony Russa

If you throw the ball down the middle, they can hit one through the wind, which they've done a couple times both games.
Tony Russa

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