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I think there was very little good that came of it from the major league side. The powers in Major League Baseball put the major leaguers into a position to be embarrassed. Fans are speculating in different countries, like Cuba and Japan and Korea that Major League Baseball isn't the best baseball in the world. I think it is, if the competition is fair.

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We worked hard to get here. The club has been so relentless, as strong-minded as you can be.
Tony Russa

It's been a great story all year long, how we've been able to compensate for some really important pieces that have not been available, ... He's an important piece and we're still hanging in there.
Tony Russa

This is one of the toughest losses, and one of the best losses I can remember, just because what the club showed. It was impressive watching them compete like that. I'm just talking about our team. They did the same thing.
Tony Russa

He fits in. One of the things we believe about our club is we have a bunch of guys who are prime-timers, who are not afraid to take big at-bats.
Tony Russa

You've got to make a commitment to playing the game that way, ... That doesn't just happen. That's the way our guys play the game.
Tony Russa

He turned his ankle. We'll see how he feels tomorrow.
Tony Russa

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