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I think if you look at virtually every starter, we've had some rough starts here in the last two weeks, ... The big key is to get back on it mentally and understand that if we don't pitch, we don't win. Against the pitching we're going to face in postseason, we're not going to outscore people.

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To me, 2002 was so personal and emotional. I believe that you create your own destiny, but it was almost like there was a plan for us. I don't feel that this time. I feel this is more normal. The reason we've won is because we've played the best. If we play the best in the postseason, we should win. And if we don't, we'll get beat. But 2002 was the only year I had the feeling it was inevitable.
Tony Russa

You have to think of the loss of a guy and what that means to his teammates and family, ... Your season hasn't even started yet, and you're dealing with this (tragedy). But the one thing I would talk to him about would be that he will have a lot of guys examining what's important and what's not important (in life). There's a chance that some of them are saying, 'Hey, what the hell is it that's so important about this game'
Tony Russa

Ever since he's put on the 'birds on the bat uniform,' that's how he's played. He's such a tough and really good player. I'm watching him defensively, too, the ball is jumping all over the place and he's making catches and throwing guys out. He cranks out tough at-bats every time he goes out there. He's just a really good player.
Tony Russa

He feels like his legs are not in shape. And they're a big part of his game. ... I don't think it's an injury. Whether it's infield play or swinging, you've got to get your legs. That's your foundation.
Tony Russa

I think physically he feels good and I think the pressure of the postseason has got his concentration back to where it was a great, great majority of the season,
Tony Russa

There are two challenges for a club, the first is the regular season, a six-month grind. So if you happen to win your division and qualify for October, I think that is the hardest thing to do.
Tony Russa

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