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I don't think the pitch to Ensberg was all that bad. I didn't see the replay. He had good enough stuff. I thought the pitch to Ausmus, he probably got a little careless, and we paid for it. He retired six guys. He had good enough stuff to do it, he just didn't get it done.

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We've seen Roy four or five times this year. They've seen Mulder four times. It's not really going to be stuff, it's going to be command you know, do you locate your pitches
Tony Russa

When we've got into some kind of adversity, when we've had to go left or right, up or down, it's been good for us. And the reason that it's worked that way is that these guys have been very strong-minded, very tough-minded about not conceding anything.
Tony Russa

It's just toughness. This club has physical and mental toughness that's special. That's the way I describe it. I just think we have a special mental and physical toughness.
Tony Russa

I know it sounds like bull, but I don't care. If you get in, you've got as good a shot as anybody, five games or seven games. It's that kind of a tournament.
Tony Russa

It wasn't good enough. It looked like he was kind of hurrying to get outs. He missed his location a couple of times, they've got a dangerous lineup and they made him pay.
Tony Russa

Take your hat off to him. He never put the ball over the middle of the plate when we had a chance to hurt him.
Tony Russa

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