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(About Error & Mistake)

He made a mistake pitch and a clutch hitter took advantage. He did some good things and then he made a mistake.

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He pitched nine innings against a tough offensive club -- that's dominating. He had a 2-0 pitch to a terrific hitter and he hit the ball out of the state. But that's the last run they got. That's outstanding pitching. No disrespect to anybody in either league who's doing great, but there's nobody greater than Chris. He's clutch.
Tony Russa

He just didn't have it. I just don't think that it's a good idea to pat a guy on the back for getting to the sixth inning when he was ineffective for three innings. ... He's capable of so much better than that.
Tony Russa

I think he's going to start. Unless I go in (the clubhouse) and find out something that wasn't obvious, I expect him to start.
Tony Russa

We know him and technically a position player can get here the last two or three weeks and that's plenty of camp. I'm sure he's been working.
Tony Russa

somebody good enough to get the outs in the seventh and eighth innings. We had Gene Nelson and Rick Honeycutt.
Tony Russa

He had a track record. When the contact was made, we were interested enough to bring him in. He's got a track record doing exactly what he's done. There isn't anything that is surprising about it, it's just impressive that he's gotten himself in this kind of shape and he's still capable.
Tony Russa

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