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(About Opportunity)

A lot will depend on what's Matt's opportunity. He may find a better opportunity, more money somewhere else. I don't want to drop a guilt trip on him. We'd like to have him back, but can we afford him

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When something like that happens, you put the other club in a bad position, so it's better not to put the club in a bad position. But I think my understanding is they understand it was unintentional.
Tony Russa

Everybody has their strong points, and that's an important one for him. He's done everything. He's gotten big hits, he's played defense well, he has run the bases.
Tony Russa

The game stood at 8-0 when the bullpen took over in the seventh inning. I don't discount the score, ... When Izzy had to make a pitch, he made the pitch. At the end of the game, we were shaking hands.
Tony Russa

He feels like his legs are not in shape. And they're a big part of his game. ... I don't think it's an injury. Whether it's infield play or swinging, you've got to get your legs. That's your foundation.
Tony Russa

We're going to talk, and we're going to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Scott is really important, and we're hoping that what he's done is not too much too soon. That's why it's important we talk.
Tony Russa

He's done everything. Gotten big hits, played defense well, run the bases. He's playing today, so he's still in the mix.
Tony Russa

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