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Office romance is inevitable at many companies when unmarried people work closely together. But colleagues who are dating should find out what their company's policies and restrictions are on workplace romance so they can avoid improper or embarrassing consequences.

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I think Mount St. Mary's really came out to play. We really didn't come out to play. We started playing how we usually play late, and by then it was kind of too late.
Tony Lee

Games like this one can get you into some bad habits. Because, sometimes, you play down to the level of the competition. Games like this are good because a lot of players who don't get to play, get to, and then, develop some confidence.
Tony Lee

Sometimes you try to do too much. We rushed. I think the week off played a big part in it because we were anxious to play. But I wouldn't say we escaped with this victory. We played hard, and made big plays to win.
Tony Lee

Franchising can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. But franchises aren't for everyone who dreams about leaving the corporate fold. When buying a franchise, you should carefully review the fees, the long hours, the financial commitment and the terms of ending the franchise agreement if things don't work out.
Tony Lee

We have to try to learn from those losses and try to make the negatives positives.
Tony Lee

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