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The idea that all the people locked up in mental hospitals are sane while all the people walking about are mad is merely a literary cliche, put about by people who should be locked up. I assure you there is not much in it. Taken as a whole, the sane are out there the sick are in here. For example you are in here because you have delusions that sane people are put in mental hospitals.

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We give advice by the bucket, but take it by the grain.
Tom Stoppard

the bewilderment and incomprehension of critics and audience.
Tom Stoppard

Dying is not romantic, and death is not a game which will soon be over... Death is not anything... death is not... It's the absence of presence, nothing more... the endless time of never coming back... a gap you can't see, and when the wind blows through it, it makes not sound...
Tom Stoppard

We are tied down to a language which makes up in obscurity what it lacks in style.
Tom Stoppard

Back in the East you can't do much without the right papers, but with the right papers you can do anything The believe in papers. Papers are power.
Tom Stoppard

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