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What looks to be a wisp of cloud is actually the moon, narrow and pale like a paring snipped from a snowman's toenail.

("Even Cowgirls Get the Blues")

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Perhaps sound carries farther across time than across space.
Tom Robbins

They accepted my donation, so they're aware they'd better serve my interests or I'll buy some leadership that will.
Tom Robbins

Ideas are mallable and unstable they not only can be misused, they invite misuse---and the better the idea the more volatile it is. That's because only the better ideas turn into dogma, and it is by this process whereby a fresh, stimulating, humanly helpf
Tom Robbins

Some folks hide, and some folks seek, and seeking, when it's mindless, neurotic, desperate, or pusillanimous can be a form of hiding.
Tom Robbins

In order to be respected, authority has got to be respectable.
Tom Robbins

On their sofas of spice and feathers, the concubines also slept fretfully. In those days the Earth was still flat, and people dreamed often of falling over edges.
Tom Robbins

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