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The football team's success has added a mystique about the university. The fact that they're building a new arena shows great commitment on their part that they want to have national-level success in the basketball program as well.

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Before I left to go to the NBA, I said, (Bennett) is one of the five guys I'd never schedule. It's how he gets guys to play. Every possession is important. Their transition defense is as good as any in the country.
Tim Floyd

We just don't have any depth. Sometimes, we might play five guards. We'll be tiny.
Tim Floyd

We probably played the way our preseason prognostications were. We're not that bad. They were really focused on defense. They didn't let us do anything.
Tim Floyd

It would be tremendous for the league. Any league would like to have that type of win late.
Tim Floyd

He continually makes big plays at the end of games for us. The pick at the end of the game was something we really needed.
Tim Floyd

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