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The meaningfulness of the 2004 ruling is at stake here. So far no one has bought a license to see Microsoft's technical documentation. There is a danger that this side of the case could be rendered meaningless.

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There was no new plan.
Thomas Vinje

It's merely, entirely and completely a public relations ploy to try to divert attention from the extremely strong case the commission has against Microsoft for failure to comply with the commission's decision.
Thomas Vinje

Microsoft only started mentioning intellectual property rights once it was clear it would lose the case two years ago. It's an after-the-facts strategy and I hope the judge will see it for what it is.
Thomas Vinje

The credibility of the Commission is at stake, and the meaningfulness of the decision is at stake, so I don't think the Commission is going to allow delay.
Thomas Vinje

Microsoft has been playing games with the Commission from the beginning, but now it realizes its time is up.
Thomas Vinje

In other words, exactly what the commission predicted would occur as a result of Microsoft's illegal bundling behavior has occurred Real has been marginalized, ... The lesson is that the commission is right to have found Microsoft to have engaged in illegal conduct, but that it erred in taking so long to decide the case and in imposing an ineffective remedy.
Thomas Vinje

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