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(About Love)

Love is an utterly bygone, sorry, worn-out, miserable thing with me- for him or anyone else.

("Far from the Madding Crowd")

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The instinctive act of humankind was to stand and listen, and learn how the trees on the right and the trees on the left wailed or chaunted to each other in the regular antiphonies of a cathedral choir how hedges and other shapes to leeward then caught the note, lowering it to the tenderest sob and how the hurrying gust then plunged into the south, to be heard no more.
Thomas Hardy

That man's silence is wonderful to listen to.
Thomas Hardy

Well, what I mean is that I shouldn't mind being a bride at a wedding, if I could be one without having a husband.
Thomas Hardy

Who saves his life shall lose it, friends!
Thomas Hardy

Give the enemy not only a road for flight, but also a means of defending it.
Thomas Hardy

In a solitude of the sea
Deep from human vanity,
And the Pride of Life that planned her, stilly couches she.
Thomas Hardy

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