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(About Love)

Love is a possible strength in an actual weakness.

("Far from the Madding Crowd")

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Pessimism is, in brief, playing the sure game. You cannot lose at it you may gain. It is the only view of life in which you can never be disappointed. Having reckoned what to do in the worst possible circumstances, when better arise, as they may, life becomes child's play.
Thomas Hardy

A sort of halo, an occidental glow, came over life then. Troubles and other realities took on themselves a metaphysical impalpability, sinking to mere mental phenomena for serene contemplation, and no longer stood as pressing concretions which chafed body and soul.
Thomas Hardy

No one can read with profit that which he cannot learn to read with pleasure.
Thomas Hardy

I have felt lately, more and more, that my present way of living is bad in every respect.
Thomas Hardy

Misfortune is a fine opiate to personal terror.
Thomas Hardy

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