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When to soft Sleep we give ourselves away, And in a dream as in a fairy bark Drift on and on through the enchanted dark To purple daybreak - little thought we pay.

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A man is known by the company his mind keeps.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich

No bird has ever uttered note That was not in some first bird's throat; Since Eden's freshness and man's fall No rose has been original.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Books that have become classics - books that have had their day and now get more praise than perusal - always remind me of retired colonels and majors and captains who, having reached the age limit, find themselves retired on half pay.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Gracious to all, to none subservient, without offense he spoke the word he meant.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich

They fail, and they alone, who have not striven.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich

The man who suspects his own tediousness is yet to be born.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich

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