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There is a group of individuals who are radical jihadists. We need to call them by name. They believe it is OK to kill people in the name of their religion. It is not all of Islam. It is not all Muslims. But there is a subgroup who believe it is OK. In fact, it is their plan and design to kill people.

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Very few are willing to say publicly what is on the minds of most legislators and the overwhelming majority of the public a special session for stadiums or any other non-emergency issues is the wrong idea at the wrong time,
Tim Pawlenty

We anticipate it won't just be the mayors, ... but it'll be church leaders and faith leaders and non-profit leaders who will come forward from these communities and will help and assist with the effort. But the contact point and encouragement is initially going to come on a city level and the mayors that we've identified will help coordinate that.
Tim Pawlenty

The one issue there seemed to be consensus on is a Gophers stadium on campus at the University of Minnesota,
Tim Pawlenty

The modern infrastructure, past operational performance, and recruitingretention successes combine to make the 148th one of the premier Air National Guard organizations in the country and serve as a basis for continuation of the 148th,
Tim Pawlenty

Today, Minnesota takes another step toward reducing our dependence on foreign oil while improving our environment and our rural economy,
Tim Pawlenty

One of the things about leadership is that you've got to show up. And if you want to be president of the United States you've got to make a case to the American people that Barack Obama needs to be dismissed from his position.
Tim Pawlenty

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