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The solution really has to lie within the Iraqi people.

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Aquinas has some weapons and their line seems to be playing fairly well. They have a shown a tendency to allow big plays, which is something we'd like to take advantage of.
Steve King

We were light years better than how we played even last week,
Steve King

Our defense bent a little, but didn't break and took advantage of their mistakes. Our offense took care of the ball and took what they gave us.
Steve King

We should recognize that on the day that we are born, our glass is half full. In America your chance to fill your glass the rest of the way up is greater than it is anyplace else on this planet.
Steve King

We have far and away the highest standard of ethics rules -- and I won't contend they are the smartest rules -- and they say that, no matter who indicts -- if it is some inconsequential little county attorney anyplace in America, which there are thousands of county attorneys -- anyone of them could produce a charge and an indictment against any one of our leaders, and remove them instantly, ... The Republican leaders will step down.
Steve King

you can't run from your friends because one of their political enemies found a way to throw a legal hook into them. That is not what this country is about. I'm going to stand with him for as long as I'm convinced that he is the man I believe he is.
Steve King

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