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The Pledge clearly acknowledges the fact that our freedoms in this country come from God, not government.

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They're all focusing on how John Roberts is going to decide Roe v. Wade. That isn't even the right question. I don't even know of a case in the (court) system that addresses it.
Jay Alan Sekulow

The vote by the Judiciary Committee reflects the fact that John Roberts is an exceptional nominee with a conservative judicial philosophy - a philosophy that represents mainstream America.
Jay Alan Sekulow

So we need the same strategy, we need young, aggressive judges to be appointed, and that's what the President has done, but getting them through is the challenge.
Jay Alan Sekulow

As I read, my suspicion that Jesus might really be the Messiah was confirmed.
Jay Alan Sekulow

If anyone tells you that you cannot legislate morality, remeber that legislation IS morality.
Jay Alan Sekulow

What if you threw a protest and no one showed up? The lack of angst and anger and emotion is a big positive.
Jay Alan Sekulow

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