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The best way to study is to go to the Cecchetti method for about a year and draw onto all the highest points and then put that into the general method.

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It's like the voice. We don't force a voice which we decide is lower than a lot of others, we teach it to sing in what we call their key, don't we
Ninette de Valois

Nearly everything in life goes in threes and fours.
Ninette de Valois

You can't expect the press to stand still and not to want to change their minds, and develop something you and I haven't noticed.
Ninette de Valois

As time goes on, all schools only get left alive if they have found something special themselves.
Ninette de Valois

First of all, the most important, that is to learn everything good that has survived from other times, and carefully to watch the bad - and throw it out.
Ninette de Valois

Well it, nothing is done easily, you first have the thing, then the thing has a success, then all sorts of difficulties arise through the success.
Ninette de Valois

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