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(About Chance, Night)

Last night there seemed to be a chance. Anything was possible last night. That was the trouble with last nights. They were always followed by this mornings.

("Small Gods")

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In the words of the philosopher Scepturn, the founder of my profession: am I going to get paid for this?
Terry Pratchett

I've seen excitement, and I've seen boredom. And boredom was best.
Terry Pratchett

Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.
Terry Pratchett

Fate can be one mean god at times.
Terry Pratchett

One of the highlights of the first Good Omens tour was Neil and I walking through New York singing Shoehorn with Teeth. Well, we'd had a good breakfast. And you don't get mugged, either.
Terry Pratchett

The complete reverse was so often the case that he had come to think of it as a kind of natural law.
Terry Pratchett

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