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    It's increasing everywhere, ... The report illustrates very clearly that we really are failing in attempting to prevent the epidemic in most of the world.

    The World Health Organization had said, with the backing of almost every development and health agency in the world, that drug resistant TB was too expensive, too difficult and too cost ineffective to treat in poor countries, ... When Partners in Health started with this campaign, there were only several hundred patients in the world getting treatment. Now, there are many thousands in 26 countries who are receiving this treatment and are being saved from a virtual death sentence because of the engagement of Partners In Health with the World Health Organization.

    All we can do is apologize, ... I think we have to just admit we've not done enough and we started way too late.

    Thursday is the 18th annual World AIDS Day, a time for countless statements of concern and commitment from world leaders, thousands of commemorations and remembrances, and reams of statistics. One important article has already appeared on this page, by Jim Yong Kim, the highly respected director of the HIV-AIDS Department of the World Health Organization Nov. 23. After recounting the grim statistics -- 3 million deaths in the past year alone, 5 million new infections this year, rising infection rates in nearly every part of the world and an admission that good news is hard to find in the new U.N. report ... optimistic that the epidemic can be stopped.

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