Yajur Veda Quotes (34 Quotes)

    O God may we after being inspired by virtuous qualities tread on the path of righteousness so that we can attain self-development and all round progress.

    Attractiveness and magnetism of man's personality is the result of his inner radiance.

    We should worship lord Shiva so that we are freed from our worldly attachments just like a fruit falls from a tree after ripening. Once we are successful in doing this we are liberated from this vicious cycles of life and death.

    Sweet talks has the ability to attract one and all. On the contrary vitriolic speech keeps people away.

    O men, the one who enhance their strength, please bless us with knowledge of all kinds.

    One should continue performing such virtuous deeds that increases strength, life-span and sharpens our power of vision.

    Good thoughts naturally culminates into good actions.

    Veda means knowledge and the vedas are really an ocean of knowledge.

    One enlightens the other and knowledge increases.

    One should try to do everything that is required to make the body pure and radiant- regular exercise,self-study,etc. Anybody who does this is blessed with long-life and radiance.

    Your morality is impeccable and that is why I am inspired by you.

    May our mind be inclined towards virtuous deeds, acquiring strength and long-life May we continue to see the glorious sight of Rising Sun for eternity

    The person who regularly recites mantra attains liberation from the fears of disease and death.

    Good thought can be imbibed by reading and studying good books and by contemplating on them.

    One should always be soft spoken so that it enhances brotherhood and affection.

    Speech emanating from a pure heart and mind of learned men and scholars are naturally pure just like water of a river.

    A teacher gives knowledge to his student and enlightens him.

    Good work done with bad intentions inevitably leads to failure. That is why one should refrain from evil tendencies.

    You should make incessant efforts not only for your own but for the benefit of others.

    Ignorant and nave people should try to acquire maximum knowledge from the knowledgeable ones.

    One should indulge only in such deeds that provides good- health and strength so that he can work for longer periods without getting tired.

    We should speak only after our thoughts have been purified and our mind and heart have become pure.

    The Vedas contain all the knowledge . Bless me with this knowledge just as you have blessed the deities.

    We should imbibe inspiring thoughts and should follow the righteous path. If this is done then progress is sure and certain.

    You are the one who inspire everybody to do his duty I am inspired by your 'inspiration of duty'You are directly or indirectly involved with each and every action that takes place in this world.

    Those who lead disciplined and orderly lifestyles they achieve all their goals and progress.

    We should take inspiration from learned-people and sages and put them into practice.

    Medicine cure us and give us relief from all type of ailmentsdiseases provided they are taken on the prescription of an efficient doctor. By taking these medicines one can also escape death which means that they give us a long life.

    Unless we make efforts to destroy are miseries we can not become wealthy and prosperous.

    Living in this world created by the Almighty-the creator of all, and preferring solitude to the hustle and bustle of the world, one should work according to ones capabilities and limitations to attain the 'supreme-bliss'.

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