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William Shakespeare Quotes on Youth (52 Quotes)

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  • Your children were vexation to your youth;
    But mine shall be a comfort to your age.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • Now follows, that you know, young Fortinbras,
    Holding a weak supposal of our worth,
    Or thinking by our late dear brother's death
    Our state to be disjoint and out of frame,
    Colleagued with this dream of his advantage,
    He hath not fail'd to pester us with message
    Importing the surrender of those lands
    Lost by his father, with all bands of law,
    To our most valiant brother.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • But that in all my life, when I was a youth.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • And so of you, beauteous and lovely youth,
    When that shall vade, by verse distills your truth.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • Where dwell you, pretty youth?
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • She is beholding to thee, gentle youth.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • So wise so young, they say, do never live long.
    (William Shakespeare)

  • I would not be cured, youth.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • Youth is full of sport, age's breath is short youth is nimble, age is lame Youth is hot and bold, age is weak and cold Youth is wild, and age is tame.
    (William Shakespeare)

  • For pity of mine age, whose youth was spent
    In dangerous wars whilst you securely slept;
    For all my blood in Rome's great quarrel shed,
    For all the frosty nights that I have watch'd,
    And for these bitter tears, which now you see
    Filling the aged wrinkles in my cheeks,
    Be pitiful to my condemned sons,
    Whose souls are not corrupted as 'tis thought.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • from forth a copse that neighbours by,
    A breeding jennet, lusty, young, and proud,
    Adonis' trampling courser doth espy,
    And forth she rushes, snorts and neighs aloud;
    The strong-neck'd steed, being tied unto a tree,
    Breaketh his rein, and to her straight goes he.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • I protest-
    Maugre thy strength, youth, place, and eminence,
    Despite thy victor sword and fire-new fortune,
    Thy valour and thy heart- thou art a traitor;
    False to thy gods, thy brother, and thy father;
    Conspirant 'gainst this high illustrious prince;
    And from th' extremest upward of thy head
    To the descent and dust beneath thy foot,
    A most toad-spotted traitor.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • April ... hath put a spirit of youth in everything.
    (William Shakespeare)

  • Thou hast passed by the ambush of young days,
    Either not assailed, or victor being charged;
    Yet this thy praise cannot be so thy praise,
    To tie up envy, evermore enlarged.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • In thee thy mother dies, our household's name,
    My death's revenge, thy youth, and England's fame.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

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