William Saroyan Quotes on World (10 Quotes)

    The role of art is to make a world which can be inhabited.

    I was a little afraid of him not the boy himself, but of what he seemed to be the victim of the world.

    Of course if you like your kids, if you love them from the moment they begin, you yourself begin all over again, in them, with them, and so there is something more to the world again.

    Is the small town a place, truly, of the world, or is it no more than something out of a boy's dreaming Out of his love of all things not of death made All things somewhere beyond the dust, rust, and decay, beyond the top, beyond all sides, beyond bottom outside, around, over, under, within

    In the time of your life, live - so that in that wondrous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite variety and mystery of it.

    In those days, there was something more to the world than there is now.

    I should like to see any power of the world destroy this race, this small tribe of unimportant people, whose wars have all been fought and lost, whose structures have crumbled, literature is unread, music is unheard, and prayers are no more answered. Go ahead, destroy Armenia. See if you can do it. Send them into the desert without bread or water. Burn their homes and churches. Then see if they will not laugh, sing and pray again. For when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a New Armenia.

    Encourage virtue in whatever heart it may have been driven into secrecy and sorrow by the shame and terror of the world.

    Every man in the world is better than someone else and not as good someone else.

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