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    Weirdness is not my game. I'm just a square boy from Wisconsin.

    I'm one of those people who when I go over a bridge, I want to jump. It's just this intense tickle in the back of my throat. It's like I'm on the verge the whole time I'm walking over that bridge, and I'm not going to get a release until I jump.

    We're making up a story that has certain resonance, and that resonance does pertain to what's going on in the world. Any time a film does that, I think it's worth doing.

    One of the pleasures of going to the movies for me is quite simply to see new ways, to think about broader ways or to challenge something as a given. It's usually people from outside, from the margins, that have the voice that inspires me.

    The worst thing is to get involved with people who aren't passionate about what they're doing.

    The mask can be a limitation, but you just deal with it. You do get superhuman strength and pumpkin bombs and all this other stuff to express yourself with.'

    I'll never be able to really see a film that I'm in.

    Unless it's a down-and-dirty little film ... you have to strike that balance between having it rooted and having the people not fall out of it,

    One of the pleasures of being an actor is quite simply taking a walk in someone else's shoes. And when I look at the roles I've played, I'm kind of amazed at all the wonderful adventures I've had and the different things I've learned.

    The aesthetic is not that we're taking a hand-held camera and we're just letting it roll and doing our thing, ... Before It Had a Name.

    I wish to Christ I could make up a really great lie. Sometimes, after an interview, I say to myself, 'Man, you were so honest - can't you have some fun? Can't you do some really down and dirty lying?' But the puritan in me thinks that if I tell a lie, I'll be punished.

    It's really a story that makes as much fun of the body politic as any particular politicians. It makes fun of how we got to this place where there's a lot of politics in entertainment and a lot of entertainment in politics.

    Film is fragmented and gets into lots of other people's hands. There are a lot of pleasures that theatre gives me. You get to perform uninterrupted.

    I've been a prisoner and lived in prison for a while I've been a missionary in China I've been a vampire and a priest in Poland in World War II. I guess without bragging or being too prideful about it I'm excited when I look back at these things that I've done. I've had lots of wonderful opportunities.

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