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    Starbucks now spends more on health care than it does on coffee beans.

    The main network that we've already established, ... would be sufficient even for some considerable growth. In the new growth areas, the types of facilities would be the same as we have done over the last 15 to 20 years, as far as the level of facilities.

    It would be a grave mistake for the Republicans to assume they can replay the boll weevil strategy of the early 1980s, ... George W. Bush is not Ronald Reagan. He would not come in with a strong tail wind of public support behind him, and he would not have a working majority in Congress.

    who have set an example for responsible, progressive patriotism.

    The Gore campaign clearly wants to start setting the terms of the policy debate after several weeks of unflattering stories of disarray within the campaign,

    (A)s the opposition party, ... Democrats have a responsibility to hold the White House accountable for the painfully high price we've paid in Iraq, the thousands killed and wounded, and the billions of dollars spent. But they must do so in a way that makes it clear they are rooting for America to succeed in Iraq.

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