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    I was really disappointed sitting in the stands (against Austria). It's not nice missing any game, that's why I'm determined to win and get a few goals on Wednesday.

    He is a fierce man because he's got that great passion to win.

    If you look at my bookings, they've gone down each season. That's something I'm trying to keep improving. On the pitch you don't want any silly bookings.

    How Rooney copes with still being so young and with getting all the fame and attention depends on the person he is. He must have the right character to go with his skill. Pele was born to play with the ball. Rooney also needs to play with the ball. They have both done that from a very early age.

    There's a lot more pressure on me at United. There are people out there trying to shoot you down.

    Look at my performance out there today and you can answer that yourself.

    For me it's the biggest trophy in the world and in the summer I hope to be holding it up.

    Hopefully, we can kick on and keep winning games. Hopefully, Chelsea will drop a few points and we can get close to them or even catch them. And with a bit of luck, we could end up overtaking them.

    He was brilliant for Argentina. I remember at half-time everyone was saying that nobody could get anywhere near him. He was fantastic.

    I've matured since joining United, on and off the field.

    I'll be coming in every day and trying to give myself the best possible chance. I'm obviously devastated to have broken my foot at this moment in time, it really is horrible.

    Don't think Sven has been a successful manager for 25 years and suddenly doesn't know where to play his players. He's the only one I see who reacts well - he knows it's part of football to have big disappointments.

    Of course we have others, like Peter Crouch, if he starts to play.

    To win it twice in a row is a great honor for me. I think as the team has progressed, my awareness has improved and I'm a better player for it.

    I don't know about the World Cup. Obviously I'm disappointed to get injured as I have done. I'm devastated to break my foot. At this moment in time it's horrible, really, but you have got to get on with it, be positive and try to get fit as soon as possible.

    We could have scored more - we should have. We should have taken a lot more of our chances and won by a bigger margin but I'm happy to get the two goals.

    I think the fans are going to expect a lot from me, as they should.

    I love playing football but I think I am like everyone else, I hate losing and love winning. And if the time comes when I am not disappointed when things are definitely not going right, then that's when people should worry.

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