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    These ministries have merged pseudo-science with religious beliefs to create, in effect, a new religion, ... Eventually they will collapse under the weight of their deceit. But as long as they survive we will have trouble winning any political battles.

    Tennessee sent a strong message that Love and Action is not above the law. This dangerous and dysfunctional group should be held accountable and expected to adhere to professional standards like other mental health facilities in the state. Tennessee is rightfully and responsibly protecting its citizens from unscrupulous and unlicensed practitioners posing as genuine mental health professionals. I urge every state in the nation to look at their local 'ex-gay' groups to determine if they meet basic mental health guidelines.

    The reason these things exist is because Focus on the Family and these other groups read the polls, and they know that when people think that homosexuality is a casual choice, they're going to be antigay, and they're going to support antigay laws.

    The ex-gay ministries are very excited about this, ... An anonymous source tells me that James Dobson called Silo and signed him up for a zoological 'Love Won Out' tour.

    Having the founder of a movement he created say it doesn't work and is even harmful should send shockwaves through the 'ex-gay' ministry. This is like Randall Terry saying Operation Rescue is bunk, or James Dobson repudiating Focus on the Family.

    They waddle and had bad relationships with their fathers, ... Without a masculine figure in his life, Silo took up homosexuality.

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