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    If they succeed in doing that, they will celebrate a victory over America and over the entire anti-terror coalition,

    South Korea's investment in Russia has not been smooth, ... Korea had planned to carry out 126 investment projects worth 273 million, but in reality, only 91 projects worth 137 million are under way.

    I must say, they are disturbed by the way the investigation is being conducted, by the fact that up to this point there are no objective data on the course of the investigation of the terrorist attack, about the circumstances that allowed the terrorist attack to become possible at all,

    We condemn any such actions, whichever side they may come from. We also condemn such provocative cartoons, which add to the division between religions, insult the feelings of believers and provoke them.

    In this instance we are facing bands of international terrorists,

    I am convinced that today terrorism poses the main threat to human rights and freedoms as well as to the sustainable development of states and people,

    Russia has made its choice in favor of democracy 14 years ago, independently without pressure from the outside, ... This is our final choice, and we have no way back.

    We shall fight against them, throw them in prisons and destroy them.

    In 2004, bilateral trade stood at 16.6 billion, ... This year we can realistically reach 25 billion.

    These obstacles and limitations were placed upon us back in the days of the Soviet Union, and by their very inertia continue on and on,

    Italy is among the top countries in economic relations with Russia. Thanks to your initiative, relations between the regions of Russia and Italy are developing at an intense pace,

    Territorial integrity of Russia can't be compromised. We won't give in to threats and blackmail. We will employ all means - all legal means - at our disposal to quell those who dream of taking away any part of Russian territory,

    This is a token of recognition of your personal contribution to the Russian-American cultural relations and of your merits in strengthening mutual trust and understanding between our two peoples,

    Anyone who doesn't regret the passing of the Soviet Union has no heart. Anyone who wants it restored has no brains.

    Any attention to them (terrorists) on the part of the media, any double-standard interpretation of their motives and results of their activity means nothing but a political and administrative support of terrorist acts,

    I did not detect malice from anyone, any clear opposition,

    I think that if we work in this basis, then it's quite likely we will find a compromise,

    We are going to support Germany's candidacy on condition that a reform plan be put forward that will be supported by a majority of UN members,

    make sure that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction in its possession.

    intent on taking an active role, as much as it is possible from our side, in the Middle East settlement.

    We understand it pretty well that there is still a lot of work ahead to remove all factors that produce instability,

    very interested in expanding the number of participants who will take part in laying the new gas pipeline in Europe.

    We expect the Chechen leadership finally to condemn terrorism, clearly and firmly, and to express their readiness to hand over the criminals,

    The position of Russia is clear. The Yugoslav people should determine its fate themselves without outside interference,

    The democratic choice Russian people made in the early 90's is final.

    The fact is the case is on the important' list of the administration of the president,

    Dutch merchants had been holding leading positions in Russia's foreign trade since the 12th century...We have always been amazed at the way Dutch businessmen are doing their business and admired their good sense, honesty, industry and openness,

    Any unbiased observer understands that attacks of international terrorist organizations in Iraq, especially nowadays, are targeted not only and not so much against the international coalition as against President Bush,

    We need to look into the status of our armed forces. ... it was not the first incident of a kind,

    the participants expressed anxiety about the problems the Defense Ministry had been meeting in realizing its plans for future development.

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