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    We've just gotten so lucky. Like Gretchen saying she would help. She's going to do our show on Sunday night. On Monday, she goes to Dallas to open her first national tour as a headliner. That she would do this, donate her time, is incredible.

    I believe Major League Baseball is here in force, ... I know what they tell us about certain latitudes you get in postseason play because you're supposed to be emotional and try and win this.

    He pitched the game he was capable of, but we actually had three, four, five chances with some of our best RBI guys, and he made pitches, ... So take your hat off to him. He pitched very well. We had our chances.

    I think my first understanding of the significance of Gibson's home run is the drama of what he did that day, as hurt as he was, that being his only at-bat. And if you saw him foul those pitches off and how gimpy he was, it was an incredibly heroic kind o

    He just didn't have it. I just don't think that it's a good idea to pat a guy on the back for getting to the sixth inning when he was ineffective for three innings. ... He's capable of so much better than that.

    What a performance we're watching. It's been a privilege to watch this kind of excellence. A lot like our first baseman. ... He's had a great, great year. Nobody has had a greater one.

    Those two swings were sweet Jim Edmonds swings. A couple of others times, he probably put a little too much into it.

    He hasn't started working out hard yet. I don't know enough about his stroke. He missed a lot of playing time in spring training, so I don't know how quick (his return) can be.

    When you're talking about the best first five years in Major League history, how is that not huge Whether it's the 100 RBIs or .300 batting average or 30 home runs, that's huge. It's historic. We're not going to be cool about that one. We just saw history. How often do you see history in this game When you see it, you applaud it and you appreciate it.

    This is one of the toughest losses, and one of the best losses I can remember, just because what the club showed. It was impressive watching them compete like that. I'm just talking about our team. They did the same thing.

    So you get Jim four and Walker in the five spot. I think that the other thing, too, if Reggie is not playing in the middle of the lineup and you leave Jim second, there isn't as much thump in the middle. So let's put some thump in the middle, and So gives you a lot of options.

    We've been really concerned the whole second half that a stretch of bad play was right in front of us and I think that's kept us pushing and we've been able to avoid it. I don't want to lose that concern even though we're starting to get healthy.

    We've seen Roy four or five times this year. They've seen Mulder four times. It's not really going to be stuff, it's going to be command you know, do you locate your pitches

    We're just going to compete against him. There really is no secret. If we had a plan, we wouldn't talk about it. But there is no plan with him.

    It's not the way you'd like to set it up. All of a sudden you take a guy who has pitched well as a starter (Marquis) and make him a reliever. But you've got to do what you've got to do,

    You have to recognize that you have a chance to have a special place in baseball history, so you're going about it for more than just the moment or the money or the stats or the attention. I think that will be the key for some of these really terrific young pitchers. You have to be really good, and at some point you have to dedicate yourself to your place in baseball history.

    (Clemens) is tough enough to hit when it's over the plate and if he starts getting a big plate, that's going to be tough for us. I know in our ballpark, both Tim (McClelland) and Greg (Gibson), and I think Wally will, too, will call a good game and not get excited about the home crowd. You always worry when a guy has good command that he can get somebody excited.

    He pitched nine innings against a tough offensive club -- that's dominating. He had a 2-0 pitch to a terrific hitter and he hit the ball out of the state. But that's the last run they got. That's outstanding pitching. No disrespect to anybody in either league who's doing great, but there's nobody greater than Chris. He's clutch.

    If you're a scout and you see a guy who can swing like that you say, 'this is a guy with tools. But it's a real difficult thing to jump into.

    It's been a great story all year long, how we've been able to compensate for some really important pieces that have not been available, ... He's an important piece and we're still hanging in there.

    You've got to make a commitment to playing the game that way, ... That doesn't just happen. That's the way our guys play the game.

    When we've been in some kind of adversity, and we've had to go left or right or up or down, it's been good for us. Hopefully, it will be good for us today. It's better to think that than the other.

    Whoever is feeding him, I'm going to talk to Wendy (Sanders' wife) and make sure it's the same breakfast and lunch that he's been having. Because what a lift he's given us, four games straight games now. He's been so clutch against good pitching, really good pitching.

    Guys like Derrek Lee and Albert Pujols and other guys at the top, Miguel Cabrera , nobody throws the ball down the middle to them, ... So they have to work hard to get everything, and they deserve all the credit.

    I think he's a talented guy. I think he runs well. I understand he defends well, he has a nice stroke. That's enough. All I know is it's 2006 and he has a chance.

    I was impressed today. I mean, I've been impressed about every time he pitches. But I thought today, he knows he's got a chance to make the club, so everything was different.

    Everybody has their strong points, and that's an important one for him. He's done everything. He's gotten big hits, he's played defense well, he has run the bases.

    He had a lot of reasons to think he'd make the club. He went down and killed (the ball). That sends a strong message about what he has between the ears. ... He's done exactly what we asked him to do.

    I think it's huge. With the 2-3-2 format, you let this one get away from you, and who knows what's going to happen tomorrow and then you have three at their place.

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