Tony Russa Quotes (183 Quotes)

    It's not the way you'd like to set it up, where all of a sudden a guy who has pitched well as a starter, you make him a reliever,

    If we get beat (Friday) and Houston gets beat, we play again Saturday and after the game we celebrate.

    A guy like that, could he do enough to be the dominant player at the position Depends on what kind of offensive player he becomes. He's got a live bat. He could hit 15, 20 home runs if he played every day. He's just got to find a way to do it.

    Changing the makeup of your club, that's just routine with free agency and stuff.

    It's classic baseball, ... The winner's in doubt. That's why you play.

    That shows you what Juan is capable of doing. We don't win that game without him being a hero, a star.

    I think he's going to start. Unless I go in (the clubhouse) and find out something that wasn't obvious, I expect him to start.

    Mentally, is closing tougher than a hitter going out there with 600 at-bats to produce ... tougher than a starting pitcher For the great closer, it's as tough. He watches the club for eight innings. Then if he goes out there and screws it up, he's got 24 guys to answer to. It's a heck of a deal. Some guys can't handle it.

    I know it sounds like bull, but I don't care. If you get in, you've got as good a shot as anybody, five games or seven games. It's that kind of a tournament.

    He's really got a short fuse. And when he doesn't do well, he gets angry. It's something he'll learn, I think, to be a little bit better about.

    Give it a couple days. Maybe longer if his infection isn't gone. We feel for him. We need him.

    I think physically he feels good and I think the pressure of the postseason has got his concentration back to where it was a great, great majority of the season,

    My point was (Saturday) that amidst all the runs, both of the guys did a lot of good things. (Sunday), Wainwright pitched well, but he made a couple mistakes that he got away with.

    To me, 2002 was so personal and emotional. I believe that you create your own destiny, but it was almost like there was a plan for us. I don't feel that this time. I feel this is more normal. The reason we've won is because we've played the best. If we play the best in the postseason, we should win. And if we don't, we'll get beat. But 2002 was the only year I had the feeling it was inevitable.

    He came in with a 1.33 ERA and he pitched just like it. He did all the things to keep the ball off the barrel. So give him a lot of credit. We didn't play all that well behind, so it wasn't much of a game. The couple mistakes Jason made left the park. It wasn't much of a contest.

    We understand we're officially in October baseball. It just doesn't seem right to celebrate when your magic number is one.

    He feels like his legs are not in shape. And they're a big part of his game. ... I don't think it's an injury. Whether it's infield play or swinging, you've got to get your legs. That's your foundation.

    The arm, I don't think it's the most important part of a catcher when it comes to the Gold Glove. It's definitely a factor, but it's calling a game, receiving, blocking balls.

    The doctor said it was like a train wreck. He didn't break anything, but he was bruised all over.

    I don't think he wants to give the idea that he was sitting there waiting to get somebody's job,

    We've got to get him going. He's one of our key guys, so whatever it takes. If hitting in the middle gets him going, then we'll do something else at second. I hope he gets it going, because he can help us wherever he hits.

    There's a way to win when the other guy is pitching good against you. You've got to pitch and defend well against them. We didn't defend that well today, either.

    That's a very good lineup. He pitched deep into the game and pitched well, too.

    I'm just excited that both of the guys are playing well. That's the best part about second base. The thing about Luna is he's got so much versatility. He can play in the outfield tomorrow if we really want him to.

    I haven't checked with Juan. I don't know why he wouldn't arrive tomorrow.

    The thing I learned when I was playing was that your best way of winning was to make it difficult for the other club to score in the last three innings of the game.

    He had a good throw. We're leaning toward it, (but) we're going to wait and see how he feels tomorrow during the off day. If he comes in feeling great, he starts. If not, we go the other way.

    It wasn't good enough. It looked like he was kind of hurrying to get outs. He missed his location a couple of times, they've got a dangerous lineup and they made him pay.

    What a performance we're watching. It's just been a privilege to watch this kind of excellence.

    We worked hard to get here. The club has been so relentless, as strong-minded as you can be.

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