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Tony Russa Quotes (183 Quotes)

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  • He is playing so good in every facet of the game. He's hitting fourth, and that's because nothing bothers him. He just plays. He's been as important as anybody we have he's had an outstanding year.
    (Tony Russa)

  • There are a lot of pieces that remind you of the old Busch. There's enough there to remind you of the old Busch. And a lot of it will depend on how we play.
    (Tony Russa)

  • This is how he pitched earlier in the year. He just got into a funk. It happens to pitchers, it happens to hitters, it happens to defenders. And in the middle of that funk, he had a couple of games like this. Against Washington and today, this was the way he was earlier in the year. This is just his second year in the rotation he's still learning.
    (Tony Russa)

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