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    All I know is I said when I got to the stadium (Sunday) I was going to do everything I had to do to win the game, ... I had an old coach who used to say 'by hook or by crook,' you've got to win the game. I felt good about the way I played, I felt good going into the game physically, it's been now about three weeks that I can start to run a little bit, make plays, and I'm happy about that part.

    Consumers view their mortgage now as a financial instrument, and depending on their financial condition, may seek a cash-out refinance. They may spend it to buy a car, add on to their house or use it for college. I think we'll see a steady stream of that.

    There hasn't ever been a time that I've said that it is time to stop, even when I was injured and I wondered if my career might be over. When I feel I can't contribute to the team anymore I'll be the first to step aside and say enough is enough.

    I hope the guys today who go over to England never forget that John Harkes opened up the door.

    On a daily basis I have to stay on top of guys, that's what Mo told me to do. In the games you can't really hear me because it's so noisy ... so you have to do it in training. It takes a while, it's not going to happen overnight. We're going to have to survive a little bit on just instinct.

    We are going to focus even more attention on the high-growth markets where we can gain additional leverage from the company's overall branding efforts. We plan to fuel significant new growth in our retail mortgage operations by re-directing resources to our most productive and profitable activities.

    We've got to get points out of this, ... Just like the playoffs, if you play at home first, you've got to win. That's the way we have to look at it. We had a great week of training, I thought. A really hard week, especially in the beginning of the week. It seems like forever since we played a game and I think everyone's ready.

    We stepped up the tempo at the right time. We had to push the ball at them and that's what we did after the delay. It was boring, to be honest, to be sitting around and waiting all that time. We had to play better after the delay.

    He's just demanded that every single guy come and work hard and if you do that the trainings will be short, ... I think they would have been shorter at this time of the year anyway, but they've been intense for sure. It's very typical of probably how he grew up with coaches -- no mistake goes unpunished really.

    The last three weeks have been a whirlwind for all of us. We're just happy to get past the first game and next time, we'll get a win. We've played two games and we haven't been beaten, but we could have gotten one tonight, because we deserved it.

    Thank God for the rain delay today because I don't know what the heck was going on in the first 20 minutes. But we came out with a heckuva lot more intensity and we pumped the ball into their end of the field and battled.

    Washington Mutual and JDC share a commitment to address the financial needs of consumers and small-business owners of diverse ethnic backgrounds, as well as those in the low- to moderate-income population. Together, I know that we will develop long-term relationships that will bring new opportunity and positive change to our communities.

    When I got here I never thought we'd be at this point,

    I had a good time while I was here. I love it here and my family is here. I certainly have no hard feelings about anybody in Kansas City. The city is great and it's fun to come back.

    I love that I've been part of the growth, and I know it was a small part, but every bit mattered in our sport. I love the game.

    We're in such a predicament that I haven't really thought about that stuff, ... We need to win, that's the bottom line. It just happens to be that this week it's Kansas City. Maybe the one there might be a little bit different but right now all I'm worried about is winning.

    I have cherished each and every opportunity I have had to play for my country and I will certainly cherish this one as well.

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