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    Last summer we received a phone call from the Department of Justice requesting medals commemorating the fallen police officers and firefighters who died trying to rescue people during the 911 attacks. We did that order in record time. They know they can come to us and get high quality awards in the shortest time you can expect - but sometimes physics does limit some things.

    (We should be) recognizing the past -- what was here in the past and acknowledging that -- as well as looking forward to the future, and a project that is world-class.

    This is a fascinating and unexpected discovery, if it turns out to be true.

    When we engraved the 442 names on the back of the medals - that's when the reality sinks in. Everybody in the whole plant had to be involved to check the names and match the medals with the cases. You see names of fathers and sons and brothers and the reality sinks in that basically whole families were wiped out trying to help people. But that's what we do - what we manufacture generally has a higher degree of meaning to those that receive it. It's not just any award.

    I've essentially doubled the business since I've been here in two years. And we're going to do more. Our corporate award line is really expanding and I've got enough room here to expand operations when it's necessary.

    When they did this in the 18th century, it was fun and the purpose was to make the crowd have fun. ... If you didn't make the crowds happy, they wouldn't throw any money in your hat. 'Punch and Judy' hasn't lasted 300 and some years because it wasn't fun to watch.

    It was great to see the amount of people pouring in to help.

    You can't manufacture the Purple Heart with a machine.

    It's going to be bad, they're not correcting a major problem for all the money they're spending on Stone Avenue.

    We're the world's leading manufacturer of military and federal agency awards. We make more than 5,000 different items here. We produce medals for the Department of Defense, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and most of the other federal agencies. Every agency has its own medals. We also manufacture badges for state national guards, Junior ROTC and police and fire departments.

    It has a lot of meaning to us. We discuss that quite often.

    How does the primary tumor cause the bone marrow cells to settle somewhere and provide a fertile field for metastasis - does it send out chemicals that stimulate the bone marrow cells And why do those bone marrow cells settle where they do It also opens possibilities for other avenues of attack against the cancer to prevent its spread. Before anything else, however, other researchers need to confirm that these findings are true.

    The sweet taste if the cheap deal is often spoiled by the bitter taste of poor service

    We should wait until after the (April) election.

    There are numerous steps to making the Purple Hearts. Although it seems obvious, it's not. We had to refine the process.

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