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    Academic departments will work with students to help them enroll in appropriate courses, and on-campus student housing may also be available. However, time is of the essence, and we hope to have interested students enrolled as soon as possible.

    These changes will improve the strength of the management team for our customers throughout Gold Country Media, and provide the Auburn Journal with a stronger community presence.

    WINS is one of those great New York institutions like the Public Library or Central Park that New Yorkers probably take for granted,

    If you put enough ultra-niche channels together, instead of just generic-sounding '70s music or '90s music, you'll attract passionate fans. That's what satellite has got to do.

    Potter's House made a conscious decision to stay, even after the riots and rise in crime,

    there's not much that's attention-grabbing. Tom Cruise has grabbed more attention this summer than the war.

    I think he will drop out of sight for a lot of people. Howard is an amazing publicity machine, a brilliant entertainer. But it's like he's leaving Broadway to go to a small boutique stage.

    The continuous introduction of new and innovative products that bring more features and benefits to customers and our efforts to make stores easier to navigate and fun to shop drove average ticket. In 2005, we broadened our assortment and enhanced the store appearance, which resulted in a differentiated shopping experience for our customers.

    Last week, we responded to a serious crash and I almost got hit by a drunk driver while I was blocking traffic. The other night I was driving home after duty, pulled a car over for running a stop sign and ended up arresting five teenagers for drug possession. There's never a dull moment.

    We've got some pilots underway where we're increasing space in appliances, and we're monitoring the results of that. If we're going to add space to appliances, that will take a long time to get accomplished.

    They're spending enough to feed and clothe at least one or two small countries. There's clearly a keeping-up-with-Joneses factor here. They're highly competitive, as they invent a new industry. And that's really what this is.

    She's a superstar, and she brings attention wherever she goes, whether it's a department store that's closed or an author who's misled her.

    The back story is that, usually, station owners are looking for more advertising revenue. Over the past 10 to 15 years, these stations have aged along with their audience and advertisers aren't interested in the over-55 demographic.

    pursue other business opportunities.

    We've taken a look at some of our categories and said we need to get them rolled out quicker in certain parts of the country.

    You just hope the bitterness and rancor don't continue, and that everybody finds a peaceable ending. Watching a train wreck or listening to one isn't a great way to spend your morning.

    We are at war, but we are not. Does it seem like a wartime nation Bush has not asked for sacrifices, hasn't done the recruiting speech, hasn't asked us to do the recycling or to conserve or a lot of the things you read about in past wars.

    Today's talk radio establishment won't be able to resist responding to them because they've never had a day-to-day argument like this. And Air America will be gleeful every time a talk-show host with big ratings does acknowledge them because it's more visibility for them.

    The interesting question is, will any be able to survive the obvious initial backlash Some of these shows going in are going to be sacrificial lambs.

    I pushed him a little through one of the miles to get him back on pace and the next mile he totally went out the back door,

    We are either burned out or polarized, ... Most people have made up their minds about what they think about the war (in Iraq) and other key issues. What you are seeing is preaching to the converted. You see that again in the fascination with the fluffier side of the news.

    This turns a lot of listeners loose. The competition has been looking forward to this for a long time.

    One day I pulled over a women speeding down the highway who was having a severe asthma attack. She had her two-year-old in the back seat. She would not have made it to the hospital on her own. We called the quick response unit and got her to the emergency room.

    The Home Depot's introduction of these revolutionary, new power tools reinforces our commitment to bringing the latest innovations to our customers, ... The new tools from Makita and Milwaukee offer more than just battery technology. They feature better ergonomics, longer cycle times and low weight-to-torque ratios that help make these tools the biggest step forward in cordless technology in years.

    It's a complicated market we're not going to rush in and make a mistake.

    The music that is most special to you and stays special all through your life is the music that is special to you in junior high, high school and in your early 20's. That's when you have time to spend on popular culture.

    He thought it was marvelous, he just loved what we were doing.

    There's a wealth of variations inside the general heading of Spanish music.

    You only need about 1,500 worth of equipment. It's illegal, of course, but it's attractive to some people because even if you're caught, FCC enforcement can be a slow process.

    I'm excited to compete on TV in front of an audience. This will take video gaming to the next level.

    Probably more women than men feel there's not enough on the radio for them. The challenge is getting on the air in a good spot on a competitive radio station.

    Basically, the land gets preserved for free, ... Then we can take citrus groves and develop those.

    It's hard to win when you turn the ball over to a team like Weir that many times. In the end, what could have been a football game turned into a track meet.

    I think the radio industry expects this will end sooner than later. It's widely expected in the industry that this won't go on. It's looking dark. It's looking bleak.

    There's a lot of pressure on kids and schools and teachers to perform academically. More instructional time would be important to try to meet some of those goals.

    I do think we're seeing some of the effect of bring in slightly smaller classes while graduating larger classes.

    Innovation continues to be a key driver in the success of our business. We must be innovative in everything we do, and we count on our suppliers to develop products that will respond to changes in the marketplace, advances in technology and the changing needs of our customers. Each year our innovation awards honor our top suppliers for their forward thinking, responsiveness and product development that best serve our customers.

    We had about 1,200 people here last year at the festival. This year we have a karaoke contest and other activities geared for older children who might not want to finger paint.

    They have scattered to other places. In a lot of cases other morning shows have benefited. Howard's going away is something that other morning shows have prayed for for years.

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