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    He said she became hysterical and they got into a big fight. He said he couldn't take her doing this anymore. I assume this was an ongoing argument.

    This is a horrible and tragic situation. I've been involved in numerous homicide investigations but nothing prepares you for children victims.

    I charged her as an adult, and that's one of the four or five offenses that you can charge a juvenile as an adult. We weighed the possible punishments that were available in juvenile court, and we didn't think that equalized her involvement in the murder.

    We're going through the most amazing period. There's a clear shift in companies' attitudes towards big deals and a willingness to do them aggressively.

    According to her, she found out he wanted a divorce and no longer wanted to be with her or the children. She got on the bus and brought the kids back to De Queen. Over the next few weeks she became despondent and depressed and ultimately decided to take her life.

    No mental-health evaluations were done. This is just high-level coaching.

    He (Morales) said he did not have a girlfriend. He said he stayed up there (in New York) Christmas because of money and he would take a vacation in the summer and be able to stay longer when he returned to De Queen.

    There were no band concerts they just didn't plan events, ... The community knew that every member of the department would have a commitment that night. They kind of planned around it.

    That's what started the Fire Department. The members of the community were tired of their buildings burning down, so a group of people formed the department to help their neighbor, which is how many, many departments started across the nation.

    The first time you take the Clocker, you learn about the private car, because there were always seats on that train and people gravitate back there. You learn the lesson pretty quick because you get thrown out of the car.

    He said she was not in her right state of mind. He said she has a better head on her shoulders than he does. He said she is very intelligent.

    He's very proud and sincere, but he's not going to try to convert anyone.

    She wanted to stay together. She hoped he was happy in his new endeavors, and she didn't want to live without him.

    Mrs. Mendez, although in the hospital, is under arrest at this time. I do not believe there is any dispute as to who killed these three children, and therefore who will be charged.

    Her children saw her take the poison, and according to her, she said and we're talking about a 5- and 8-year-old child they told her that they wanted to die with her. She says in her statement, 'I blessed them and then I suffocated them.

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