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    It's all the cool stuff from Wolfenstein , a kind of Indiana Jones and X-Files world of science fiction. We're doing away with the concepts of levels, where you go from point A to point B. You won't be removed from the environment. Now it's all seamless and it will not even have the little loading bar at the bottom of the screen. Nothing will take you out of the world you are in.

    What you might think is ... couldn't you make a religious game where critics, fans and retailers would all line up and universally say 'Here's a game that has some sort of moral or educational value'. But people tend to take religion extremely personally and therefore have more opportunity to be offended. If you make, say, a Christian based game, are you going to make it a Protestant game If so, that might offend the Catholics.

    With our next project that we're working on internally, for the first time from the very start of the project, we're looking at both PS3 and 360 as something that at least from a programming standpoint, we'll have up and running very early on in the process of development,

    Will it matter if the Doom film does well or not It won't make much difference to us, we see everything independently, ... But in the ranks of Hollywood, if they see the Doom movie as successful, it will raise the interest level and they would want other game movies and come to us.

    With the new consoles coming out -- and I said this five years ago when the PS2 and Xbox came out -- people all rush to ring the bell for the death knell of PC gaming, and it never seems to happen, and I don't think we're looking at that now, either.

    We don't look at it as a profit center, ... We say and it's a bit clich, but it's still true that this is a party for the fans and our way of giving back to our community.

    Xbox owners can get a fresh dose of Hell with DOOM 3 Resurrection of Evil. We're turning up the heat by arming you with incredible new weapons and powers for an all-out battle with the Hunters -- a new breed of demons Hell-bent on killing you.

    It's the latest game featuring war-torn Germany, where shooters hunt Nazis and supernatural beings during World War II. The new game promises unmatched exploration, action and espionage.

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