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    The football team's success has added a mystique about the university. The fact that they're building a new arena shows great commitment on their part that they want to have national-level success in the basketball program as well.

    It's been a problem all year for our team. Night after night, when you're on the short end as bad as we were tonight in rebounding, it's eventually going to get you.

    It would be tremendous for the league. Any league would like to have that type of win late.

    I'm hesitant to anoint this team at this point, because I have vivid memories of the first two games.

    I just told the official what I thought and left. I can't comment on it. I came to the bench. I went to the locker room. They won't let me comment on it.

    We worked on everything we did poorly the other night (against UCLA).

    I thought they played harder than any team that has come into this building.

    We didn't get the shot down Gabe didn't get it down. Francis gets us an offensive rebound, and he kicks. You know, he has the presence of mind to kick, and Stewart stepped into it in rhythm. (Francis) has been a real addition to our club this year he's made a lot of plays late for us, especially on the road.

    We just don't want to prove them right. At the same time, I don't believe in the word 'overachieve.' I think people are either capable of winning and being 11-4 or they're not capable of it. Our players are capable of playing to this level and that's who we are right now, and we could very easily have been in worse shape without the fortune of a good bounce or two.

    We must've looked at that clock a hundred times in the last minute and 30 seconds.

    I wouldn't say it is motivation, but more learning how to win against quality teams.

    I don't really gauge them or weight them. I just know when you've lost three in a row, I don't care who you're playing.

    It was going to be a tough week with him. They weren't pouting or feeling sorry about themselves today, they were playing hard.

    It's a team we don't match up well with. Our inability to rebound has been a problem all year long. I knew Arizona State was going to win some more games this year. It's too bad we had to pay the price. You've got to credit their defense.

    What you do see is activity and intensity with what he's doing. But he hasn't gone to the same place twice, and that's not good when you're running an offense. He's having a hard time retaining everything.

    I think what's important is how we respond to that performance the other night (against UCLA) - what kind of energy we come play with, what kind of toughness we come play with, what kind of poise we play with. Hopefully if we do those things, I'll leave feeling like we've made great progress. Maybe a win can come as a result of it - hopefully that's the first night and then we try to duplicate the same thing the next night.

    Their athleticism was tremendous. We had no chance to rebound tonight. We forced 28 turnovers, but we weren't able to finish shots in transition. I think 76 points is enough to win a college basketball game, but we couldn't stop them.

    We'll try and make some revisions, but I don't know where we will go, yet. We're not a deep team, and we've only been playing six, seven players. This injury could be longer than the next two games it could be for the rest of the year.

    We probably played the way our preseason prognostications were. We're not that bad. They were really focused on defense. They didn't let us do anything.

    We love it, but it doesn't mean anything if we lose our next eight.

    I don't know (what happened). I just told the official what I thought and I came out.

    I knew that the core group is pretty talented and they were going to play extensive minutes. We knew that Williams would be back in there. He had a terrific game against us the first time.

    Two weeks ago, Stewart couldn't have done this. Tonight, he rebounded, really defended and had the poise to take good shots.

    We just don't have any depth. Sometimes, we might play five guards. We'll be tiny.

    We were beaten by the better team today, a team that manhandled us on the glass.

    We've grown up a lot since the first couple games of the year. I wasn't sure if we could handle the test tonight.

    I'm a little hesitant to anoint this team. I'm still very guarded about who we are. We still haven't beat anybody of note, other than North Carolina, and even Carolina came to town with a new team and on a night when we played our best.

    He continually makes big plays at the end of games for us. The pick at the end of the game was something we really needed.

    There's a reason why this program has not gotten to the level of other sports (at USC). And facilities have something to do with it. This allows us to sell our program in recruiting. You have to go in apologizing, not recruiting. Spending 143 million shows commitment, and that it's not only a football school. And hopefully, it will give us a home-court advantage.

    I thought that was a key stretch in the game, our inability to deny him the ball.

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