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    He played the game hard. He was able to do whatever he possibly could to win. Everybody loved him. There was always a laugh and a smile, and he had something fun to say.

    We struck up a conversation right then like we'd known each other for years. Since then, it'd been that way.

    I've been telling him for a couple years that I would like to see him spread his stance out. He tried doing so late last year, actually in the playoffs, and he went back and looked at the tapes and saw some things and tried to give it a shot. I think he felt like it was something he could do and possibly help us and himself be better.

    Really, he just spread his stance out, shortened his stride and a little patience always helps. That's been the major difference with him.

    He's always had the tools and talent. That's why he was here last year. He'll probably tell you he believed he could do it last year. But I think later in the year, he gained more confidence. You can really see it in him now that he has the idea he can walk up there and really make something happen.

    He's better than he was last year. There's no doubt about that, this time of year. Last year, he started the year trying to do too much. This year, he's just doing what he's supposed to do.

    We all try to do too much at different times. At times he does that because he knows how well he has not been hitting.

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