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    Every person's life is theirs by right. An individuals life can and must only belong to himself, no to any society or community, or he is then but a slave. No one can deny another person their right to their life, nor seize by force what is produced by someone else, because that is stealing their means to sustain their life. It is treason against mankind to hold a knife to a man's throat and dictate how he must live his life. No society is more important than the individuals who compose it, or else you ascribe supreme importance, not to man, but to any notion that strikes the fantasy of that society at a never ending cost of lives. Reason and reality are the only means to just laws mindles wishes, if given sovereignty, become deadly masters.

    The first law of reason is what exists, existswhat is, is and from this irreducible bedrock principleall knowledge is build. He said that was the foundation from which life is embraced. He said thinking is a choice, and that wishes and whims are not facts, nor are they means to discover them. Richard said reason is our only way of grasping reality - that it's our basic tool of survival. We are free to evade the effort of thinking - to reject reason - but we are not free to avoid the penalty of the abyss we refuse to see.

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    - Wizard's First Rule

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