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    You become aware of people's feelings. You don't want someone to think you don't care. You don't want someone to think you're lazy.

    There are any number of men who have this problem, too. But when you say who's more likely (to say yes), it's more likely to be women.

    When you have the people-pleasing habit, it feels as if you have no control and no power over your life. Everybody else is running it. The PTA. The church. Your children. Your husband. Everyone's taking a little piece of you all the time. You leave no time for yourself.

    They've been taught since childhood to be more docile while boys tend to be more rebellious and rambunctious. We're always wanting to make people happy.

    It will be someone in your inner circle, people you really care about. It's going to be something you have time for. It's going to be something you're not going to resent doing. It's going to be something you don't feel duped into doing. Just stop and analyze what's being said.

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