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    You've got to be a manager in top-flight football for ten years before you even get whispered in those circles,

    But to me the bottom line is the more education you can give yourself, and the more preparation you can do, the less chance of failing.

    He's keen to show what he can do, he's done enough to suggest it will be well worth having a look at him,

    We started extremely well, we had our tails up and put them under pressure. If I'm honest, maybe the lack of firepower has cost us with losing Georgios at the weekend, but I won't make excuses.

    With what has happened to Coley, he is certainly not going at the moment. That might be a decision we make in March or April.

    I don't want to portray myself as a hard man in management or anything like that.

    Matt will be training with us today. We will have a look at him and see what the situation is. At this stage it is impossible to say what will happen.

    The effort of the team is very good at the moment and we're gaining in confidence as a team,

    We have disappointment in our camp. United didn't create too many clear cut chances and their goalkeeper made a world class save to keep Cole out.

    I told him to bring us 14 or 15 goals this season and he is well on the way to providing that.

    Credit to Kasper, because he has done exactly what we wanted from him, as well as what Bury wanted, so it has worked very well for both of us.

    At this club, all I see is great backing all the way down for me and I will be judged on results like the next man.

    As a young man trying to make your way in life, you feel your back is against the wall and you are scrapping against the whole world,

    What has happened is disappointing but I still feel as though something will be sorted out in terms of agreeing a contract with Joey.

    I am doing the job with the mentality that I am going to be here a long time and I hope that I am.

    In an ideal world, we will still qualify for Europe.

    Today I thought we deserved it. Results haven't been good at the club but the players have stuck at it and they've been under a bit of pressure.

    I certainly don't think we deserved to lose. There's a great confidence in the dressing-room at the moment and a growing will not to get beaten.

    I want them to be fully committed to the work place and fully committed to the people they work for.

    We think it was a wise investment. He's still got an awful lot to learn but he was a real handful for them.

    We've Claudio back in training and we'll judge how he comes along.

    I do appreciate that the most important thing as a manager is to get good results.

    If we inundate the courts with these charges, I'm hoping sooner or later that somebody's going to strike down that fact, that we're not born poachers.

    With the length of contract we are offering it's no gamble for this club.

    He Fowler is like anyone else at our club in that if someone made a serious offer for him we would sit down and think about it.

    He has performed exceptionally well this year and is one of our top three, there is no doubt about that.

    Andy is having an operation today and we think he will be out for between four and five weeks.

    I have made it totally clear to the players that my door will always be open.

    Manchester City is a club of the community, a family club, and I don't condone it.

    This must be the only industry in the world where you can have a total novice, who has not even been in management for one year, being touted for the top job in English football. Would we say the next prime minister is going to be someone who has not even been elected as an MP (lawmaker) yet No.

    It's a 'suck it and see' situation with Georgios. But I think this weekend will be too soon for him. We will wait and see but he is hell bent on getting back as quick as he can.

    Now we are at the top of the league, we have got to play like a team that deserves to be there at this moment in time.

    I just get the impression that everyone is willing me to succeed.

    We can get better as a team. If I'm being ultra-critical, we've not played any of the big four or five yet. They will be a test of how good we are.

    I have lived my life that way and I expect the people who work for me to be the same way.

    I have no idea how realistic it is to stay in our present position,

    I am ready to work, I am ready for this job and I am ready for this challenge.

    Supporters just want to see if a player is putting a shift in for their team. If a player does that they will support him, if a player doesn't produce that and the fans are not happy then they will voice their emotions accordingly. There was no problem with Joey out there.

    I will do whatever it takes to win a football match.

    The manager deserves a lot of credit, ... He's built a lot of resilience into the team, and he's got everyone playing for each other. He has confidence in young players he's put into the squad, and we've done really well.

    Joey Barton is a Manchester City player. I hope he'll stay. The way footballers answer anybody is by performing on the pitch and I thought he played extremely well.

    At 17 and having just scored his first goal in big-time football, I will forgive him. I will have a quiet word and tell him the next time he scores to tone down his language.

    Sylvain is our captain, he's a very good player and we've got him here at the moment, so I wouldn't want him to leave. And I don't think he wants to leave us either.

    It can be a bit of a hindrance when you walk into a restaurant for a quiet meal and one or two launch into 'Psycho, Psycho'

    I would prefer the money to go to the next manager. The club got me for nothing so I think I should be allowed to leave for nothing.

    I only saw it once in real time and didn't have a good view. But if it was a poor tackle I will have a chat with the player and tell him it is unacceptable.

    It has always been that way with David, people pick up on any mistake he makes,

    We have already had to play all the players we have available this season - and we are only eight games in. But I think we are reasonably healthy in the defensive positions although we always look to improve.

    Andy had another operation on his knee yesterday (Wednesday) after they found some floating material in there, and as a result he will be out for the rest of the season.

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