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    The main thing with Ralston was that he felt capable of starting. We felt it would give the team a boost to see someone with his experience out there. We knew we wouldn't get 90 minutes out of him so we left it up to him to tell us when he had had enough. There was no reaction to the injury, he just came off because he was tired.

    I don't expect anything else. The way they play, they are flinging bodies forward. When you do that, you leave holes behind you, and we hope to exploit that. Everyone wants to go on the road and win, but we wouldn't be too disappointed with a draw, either.

    The Supplemental Draft is a great way to augment our squad. We like all four players we took and look forward to seeing what they can do in a professional environment.

    It's tough to change a winning team. If people do a job for you and they do it well, then they deserve to play. It's going to be a tough decision.

    We have nothing to be ashamed of. The effort and the way we tried to do things and the commitment was superb. Until we went one down, we were the team that was really pushing the ball. We were the ones really putting the pressure on. And even when we went to 10 men, we kept going at them. So we can have no complaints. It's one of those nights where it just never happened for us in the final third.

    He did two outstanding things. We wanted Steve (Ralston) on the left. We wanted to get Rally the ball, and we thought Riley was the best to go on the right.

    Sealy has scored some good goals, one against us.

    You almost have to slap Joseph in the back of the head to get him off the field.

    Andy's got great soccer ability, which is why he's been in the league so long. It's not that he doesn't work hard, but we have to get guys who will kick and spit and punch to get results.

    It's huge. I think any team in the league would want Pat Noonan and Steve Ralston in their starting lineup -- we certainly want them. They've got a couple of games behind them. I think it should be enough, hopefully it will be.

    It's important that we keep the ball. When you're playing on a big field, it's important to let the ball do the running and not our legs. That's when possession becomes key. Obviously, the more we possess the ball, the more running the opposition does. So on the field, keeping the ball is pretty key.

    He has a track record as a full international and comes from one of the top college programs in the country.

    It has been frustrating to never have the team we want together and that is likely to continue with another international game coming up (USA plays in Germany on March 22 while the Revs are in Costa Rica for another preseason camp). I expect to lose two or three players then as well. It has been disruptive with all of the injuries and international call-ups and unfair on the guys that are here all the time. We have had to overcome a lot of things.

    While the Revolution begin the series on the road, they are confident of getting a result - which could then mean they would be at home for the final two games on the way to a possible MLS Cup appearance. The home-field advantage has been huge the last three years. Against Chicago in '03 we were well-beaten away they were the better team and deserved to win, but if we had been at home, maybe the balance could have gone the other way, ... Last year, the crowd was behind D. C. the whole game we were unlucky not to get through, and the home crowd could have tipped the balance in our favor.

    Well we can't play 3-5-2 all the time. It is far too much for the two-way players. We have to get box to box which is not easy to do coming off a game down in Dallas. It was fairly straightforward. There wasn't much that we had to think about.

    It's going to be tough they'll have their crowd behind them. The players have to enjoy the atmosphere, take it and use it to their own benefit. We'd love to be playing in front of rip-roaring crowds every week and we get the chance now, so let's see how we deal with it.

    We basically went at them for 60 minutes and thought we would score. But in the final third of the field the last ball wasn't quite there. We put them under pressure for the majority of the game, with 11 or 10 players. Sometimes it is not going to happen for you. They defended corners well and we couldn't get that last touch in and that summed up the night.

    For the players it's fantastic that they're doing well. Hopefully, for them, they go to the World Cup. I played in one (in Mexico in 1986) and it's a great experience. For us, it's the same plan, just with different people. The personnel changes and we'll just tweak it to make it suit and to make it work.

    Our good shape was huge. We could've been better with the ball, surely. But the reason we had the clean sheet was the back three did very well. And when we lost the ball, we always had somebody defending, within distance to close the ball down. Our shape

    As far as passion and guys and courage are concerned, this lot's got it in abundance. And that's what won us the game. They are always looking to win and that commitment and togetherness pulled us through again.

    Taylor's no different than any other striker. If he don't get service, he don't score goals.

    I think the fact that we were forcing the game and we were away from home in Kansas City, who is undefeated, kind of tells you that the backbone of team. We did make changes, we were forced into a couple of changes, but it never knocked us off our straight, we kept pushing forward. But we just never got that break in the penalty box when we needed it. It's just not running for us in the penalty box at the moment.

    I don't see anybody close to him. To anchor the defense as a rookie, play every minute of every game, and play with consistency, there should be no debate about it. His ability and temperament are ideal for the position.

    He just turns up every game and wants to score goals.

    He's a wee bit more mature this season. Like everyone else, when you start a new season, your on-field play is the only thing that counts.

    Everybody's dejected, we're sick, we've lost. When the dust settles, we can look back on some success, but it seems pretty insignificant because we lost today.

    With the stretch we had five games in 15 days and the altitude, we couldn't play the 3-5-2. We changed the system because it was a lot to ask, under the conditions, for the two wide guys. We felt we had to be solid. But we could have been 3-0 up at the half. If we had put away our chances, it would have been a different game.

    I don't think the ball was anywhere as near as good as we can. We showed some good signs but we've certainly got a lot to work on.

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